Update: Final Map Selected and Adopted:

On January 19th the Board completed the districting process with the adoption of Map 110.  You can see the adopted map as a PDF map that you can print out or as an interactive map where you can type in your address and see which election division you reside.


Below and at the links above is the information posted during the districting process, preserved for future reference:

A printable version of each proposed map is listed below, including a second page providing the demographics of each district in each map.  The proposed election sequence for each map (listing which divisions are proposed for 2024 elections and which are for 2026) is printed on each map.

The most detailed way to view each draft map is using the interactive review map.  The link will take you to a website where you can view all of the maps and zoom in and out to see the map details.

The most recent set of PDF maps have each park and open space area flagged, but including those names cluttered the map too much. Here is a simple PDF map showing just the park and open space areas, with the name of each.

Map Date Published
Map 101 12/08/2022
Map 102 12/08/2022
Map 103 12/08/2022
Map 104 12/08/2022
Map 105 12/08/2022
Map 106 12/08/2022
Map 107 12/20/2022
Map 107B 12/20/2022
Map 109 12/21/2022
Map 109b 1/11/2023
Map 109c 1/11/2023
Map 109d 1/11/2023
Map 110 1/11/2023
Map 111c 1/11/2023